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Midorie Smart Music Pot

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Product Description

Midorie Smart Music Easy Pot 

Make your plants dance with Midorie Smart Music Pot! This is a Minimalist looking pot that takes your Pot experience into another level. Modern design employs a sense of simplicity in every element, including Pots.

* Please select a Plant of your choice from our "Plants" section, and mentioned it at the Checkout Message. *

Package Include: 

- Humidifier Easy Pot  x1

- Absorbent Cotton Rope x1

- USB Cable x1

Pot Size (Midorie Smart Music Easy Pot): 

Height = 10.5CM

Diameter = 11.5CM

Length = 23CM

*Measurement is the approximate top diameter of the pot.

*Recommend to use Pafcal 2 in 1 (S+M Size) for this pot.