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Pafcal Chip 1kg

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Product Description

Kindly contact us to check the availability of our PAFCAL Chips! 

Contact us at our Facebook Page or 017 732 0266 for more information about deliveries and quantities! 

PAFCAL, organic and soilless growing media which is designed and engineered by Suntory for various houseplants. It is clean, light in weight, and easy to maintain. 

What is in the packs:

1 x 1kg of Pafcal Chip

3 Simple Steps To Use Pafcal To Grow Your Houseplant:

a. Soak the Pafcal till it is fully absorb with water.

b. Insert the stems/seed into Pafcal. (For transplanting, you can custom the design of your plant.)

c. Water the Pafcal should you find it getting dry. Stay cool and observe the growing of your plant.